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    This section contains a complete overview of all our Summer offerings, when programs meet and what ages may participate!
  • Programs

    Gap Time-- Open to All!  Exciting courses to fill the gap between school and camp.

    Hornets Programs is a three week summer program with a vibrant array of offerings that provide full day enrichment for children entering grades K-9. June 9-27.
  • Academics

    From technology and science to college essay writing, math, foreign languages and more, Hackley faculty members teach an impressive array of courses for credit, enrichment, challenge, and fun for students of all ages, June through August.
  • Arts

    Try one of our creative courses in drawing, ceramics, music, theater and more, June through August.
  • Athletics

    Athletics offerings begin with our All Sports Camp for our youngest campers and expands to specialized programs for both accomplished and aspiring athletes, June through August.
  • Faculty

    Summer @ Hackley’s biggest asset is the accomplished Hackley faculty, who offer summer courses in subjects they love. Their passion is infectious.
  • Partners

    Hackley is proud to offer exceptional programs in partnership with organizations that echo our commitment to challenging students to grow in character, scholarship and accomplishment, with unreserved effort.

    • Summer Programs

Summer Voices

  • <i>Pottery!</i> Ms Coble Interview

    Ms. Coble

    207 view(s)

  • <i>All Sports!</i> Coach Frolo Interview

    Coach Frolo

    232 view(s)

  • <i>Nature!</i> Ms Harmon Interview

    Ms. Harmon

    206 view(s)

  • <i>Nature Smart</i> Ms. Johnson Interview

    Ms. Johnson

    1 view(s)

  • <i>Nature Adventures!</i> Ms. Johnson

    Ms. Johnson 2

    2 view(s)


Summer Views

  • More Art with Ms. Holland

    106 view(s)

  • Painting with Ms. Holland

    107 view(s)

  • Summer Program Athletics

    140 view(s)

  • Summer Academics

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