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The word ‘education’ is derived from the Latin root duco or ducere, meaning to lead. The prefix, ex, out of, is added, and over time the verb educare has evolved on its own to be specifically understood as ‘drawing out, in terms of children.’

Understanding that the curriculum is our vehicle for education, our opportunity to draw students out and widen their base of knowledge, perspective, experience and skill, the courses that comprise the Hackley School academic program are designed to complement each other both horizontally (at grade level) and vertically (within a discipline). We want our students to achieve excellence in their coursework, and they do – magnificently, by any measure. But more than this, we want our students to experience school as a place that puts first learning for the sake of learning. At Hackley, students see that knowing and understanding something more, the mere process of expanding one’s mind, is an end in itself from which other successes naturally follow.

In the Lower School, Hackley’s youngest students discover a world of new and wonderful learning opportunities. In a cooperative and respectful environment, children find teachers who care for them and work that challenges and enriches. Our teachers know how to generate enthusiasm for learning, how to capture a child’s imagination, and how to inspire learners to reach beyond their own expectations.

The Middle School’s rigorous curriculum prepares students for the educational challenges and opportunities to come. We expect our students to work within the framework of a traditional academic program. At the same time, we recognize, support and allow ample opportunity for the expression of the zest, playfulness, and energy of the early adolescent, and believe that these qualities are compatible with serious academic endeavor.

The flexible curriculum in the Upper School allows students to choose a program that not only reflects their immediate interests but also prepares them for their long-term educational goals. We aim to provide the most challenging and relevant coursework for each student. Among the senior class, each student’s course load is so individualized that almost no two are alike. Homework and performance expectations are significant, allowing students to demonstrate increasing self-discipline and motivation. The atmosphere, however, remains collaborative, not competitive.

Hackley’s academic programs are rooted in two of Hackley’s core values: knowledge and passion. Students find their curiosity rewarded endlessly here, and this pushes them to apply that curiosity endlessly, into the schools they attend after Hackley, and into their adult lives.