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Upper School

In Hackley’s Upper School, our engaged and diligent students work closely with devoted and talented teachers within a challenging and diverse curriculum that balances required courses with elective offerings. Our community’s larger values also contribute to the creation and persistence of a vibrant and enriching academic experience.

Hackley students are typified by their passion, not merely their talents. Upper School students exhibit an enthusiasm for learning, a curiosity about their school work and the wider world, and an eagerness to ask challenging questions of their teachers, their classmates and themselves. Our students learn that asking questions and seeking out assistance in order to gain a deeper understanding of their coursework is a sign of academic strength, not a sign of weakness.

Hackley’s remarkable Upper School faculty exhibit similar passion—they are role models for the lifelong love of learning that we aim to instill in our students. Our teachers love working with high-school students, sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for their discipline while also helping students hone central skills. Our teachers are enthusiastic, approachable and good humored. Their devotion to the students is impressive and best reflected in their regular one-to-one meetings with students before and after school and during common free periods. Students build strong relationships with their teachers, who may also serve as academic advisors, coaches or club leaders. These bonds endure even after students graduate from Hackley.

The Upper School curriculum offers both clear structure and considerable flexibility, with greater variety available to our older students. Our academic programs are constructed with a careful eye to the skills and content areas that will serve our students well in their educational endeavors and life experiences after Hackley. We offer a number of Advanced Placement courses, and all of our courses prepare our students exceptionally well for college coursework. A Hackley graduate will possess knowledge in a wide array of fields, but also important skills such as how to write analytically and persuasively, how to conduct careful and responsible research, how to participate actively and constructively in discussions and debates, how to solve problems, how to work with a group, and many other important academic and life skills.

The values of the broader Hackley community are also central to the academic life of the Upper School. We expect students to be respectful of their peers and the faculty and staff. We demand honesty from all members of our community; Hackley takes academic and personal integrity very seriously. We reject the trendy apathy and anti-intellectualism that can often feel pervasive among adolescents. As one of our recent graduates remarked, “It’s cool to care at Hackley.”

Andy King
Upper School DIrector
Mr. Andrew King
Director of Upper School
(914) 366-2620
Andy King on Hiring Teachers
Audacious Goals
IN THE OPENING DAYS OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR, IT HAS BEEN a joy to see you settle into the patterns of school life. You are unphased by living in a world of Days 1-7. I am especially proud of our new students and the 9th graders who have found their classrooms and learned the intricacies of our campus labyrinth. All of you are now getting to know your teachers or reconnecting with a teacher you’ve had in the past. You’re seeing their passion, learning their expectations and seeing how committed they are to your success.
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