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About Hackley


To work at Hackley is to become part of the Hackley family. We employ approximately 230 faculty, staff and administrators in grades K-12. Our employees enjoy competitive salaries, benefits, and pension. Due to the day and boarding structure of the school, housing is sometimes an option as well.

Faculty hiring generally takes place in late winter and spring, while administrative searches may begin earlier. Staff positions may become available at any time during the year.
Faculty Positions
Hackley faculty members typically possess undergraduate training in their specific curriculum area as well as a graduate degree either in education or in their field.
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Staff Positions
Staff members at Hackley provide support for the administration, parents, and students of the school.
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Administrative Positions
The Headmaster, as the top administrator, and the rest of the administrative staff are charged by the Board of Trustees with enacting the school’s mission, management and supervision of curriculum and classrooms, as well as active communication with parents.
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Working at Hackley
Benefits of Independent School Teaching
By definition, independent schools operate outside the bureaucracy and limitations of the Department of Education. Hackley sets its own mission, and faculty who are comfortable with that mission will feel comfortable here.
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Mentoring at Hackley
No faculty handbook can possibly include all the information that may help a faculty member adjust professionally or personally to a new school. In recognition of this, each new faculty member is assigned a faculty mentor -- a colleague familiar with the culture, routines and expectations who can provide guidance and support.
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Partnerships for a Diverse Faculty, Staff and Administration
Hackley values the rich diversity of its workforce and does not discriminate in its employment policies or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, national origin, sexual orientation or marital status.
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E.E. Ford Fellowship for African-American/Black, Asian, Latino/a, Middle Eastern and Native American Teachers
Hackley's Edward E. Ford Teaching Fellows program, an innovative faculty recruitment program designed to attract teachers from historically underrepresented groups -- African American/Black, Asian, Latino/a, Middle Eastern and Native American -- offers opportunities to young people interested in teaching after college.
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Major benefits of employment at Hackley include access to health insurance (including dental), retirement annuities, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, long and short-term disability insurance, tuition remission (faculty and administration only), food pick-up, and housing (as available).

Health insurance costs range from $270 for a single staff member enrolling in the Oxford Standard Plan without dental to $8,860 for a family enrolled in the Oxford Enhanced Supplemental Plan with dental coverage.
How to Apply
Submit a cover letter, resume and 3 references to

Over seven years ago now, I taught a senior English class focusing on identity, and we had frequent discussions in class on the impact of a place on a person’s sense of who they are. When I think of Hackley, I think of it as a place that instills confidence, respect, and a true love of education in students and educators alike. With its stately buildings, thoughtful, curious student body, and inspirational mottos inscribed in stone around campus, it is a truly amazing place to teach. And it is a place that most certainly has a positive impact upon the identities of all who are a part of its community. I feel proud that I had the opportunity to work there, and I just hope that someday, when I return to teaching […] I will be able to find a school to call home that resembles Hackley.

 -- Leah Abel, Hackley faculty (2001 – 2004)