DEI Executive Committee

DEI Division Coordinators: 
  • Willie Teacher, US DEI Coordinator
  • Amanda EK, Assistant US DEI Coordinator
  • Tuo Liu, MS DEI Coordinator
  • Rachel Mwakitawa, LS DEI Coordinator
Leadership Team Members: 
  • Charles Franklin, Head of School
  • Cyndy Jean, Associate Head of School
  • Basil Kolani, Director of Academic Affairs
  • Andy King, Director of the Upper School
  • Shazia Durrani, Director of the Middle School
  • Lisa Oberstein, Director of the Lower School

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

At Hackley, we believe success is reflected in how we respect and uplift each other. Our deeply-held principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our identity, and we stand together in creating a sense of belonging for all of our community members through the following seven Action Areas of our DEI Plan.

Read below about the ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work at Hackley.

Action Areas

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  • Faculty, Staff, Administrator Growth and Support

    • Cyndy Jean will lead DEI workshops for members of the Leadership Team, Academic Committee, coaches, and faculty focused on organizational culture.
    • Cross-departmental groups known as DEI Teams will meet throughout the year for continued professional development, connection, and support.
    • Optional Resource Groups will be offered to all employees, led by colleagues who have been formally trained by Dr. Liza Talusan.
  • Student Programming

    • The DEI Team will work closely with faculty, parents, and student volunteers to promote heritage month celebrations.
  • Community Engagement

    • Cyndy Jean will partner with Hackley librarians and division directors to support Hackley’s community reads program.
    • The DEI Team will continue partnering with the Advancement Office to schedule a speaker series titled, Varying Perspectives in Action.
    • Cyndy Jean and the Advancement Office will create a mentorship program between alumni and Upper School students.
    • Cyndy Jean will work with the division directors to engage DEI Advisory Committees in each division, bringing together faculty, students, and parents to plan programming throughout the academic year.
    • Cyndy Jean will work with the Advisory Committee and the HPA to create in-person social events twice a year through the Community Connections program in December and March.
    • Cyndy Jean will continue to work with the Alumni DEI Committee to plan future events, building off a successful event held in June titled, “Sustaining a Community of Shared Intention and Purposeful Impact.”
  • Teaching and Learning

    • Cyndy Jean will partner with Basil Kolani, Director of Academic Affairs, and relevant department chairs to review curriculum.
  • Student Support

    • In response to the requests from Lower School families of color, Cyndy Jean will work with Lisa Oberstein, Lower School Division Director, and Rachel Mwakitawa, LS DEI Coordinator, to create a buddy program.
    • Cyndy Jean will work with the Advisory Committee, Resource Group Facilitators, and the Leadership Team to outline plans for student resource groups and standards for student learning (e.g. “Students will express pride, confidence and healthy self-esteem without denying the value and dignity of other people.”).
    • Cyndy Jean will partner with FLIK to offer meal options for students with dietary restrictions during religious observances.

DEI Team

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  • Photo of Cyndy Jean

    Cyndy Jean 

    Associate Head of School

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  • Photo of Willie Teacher

    Willie Teacher 

    Performing Arts Teacher, US DEI Coordinator
  • Photo of Tuo Liu

    Tuo Liu 

    Modern Languages Teacher, MS DEI Coordinator

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Amanda Esteves-Kraus

    Amanda Esteves-Kraus 

    Science Teacher; Director of Boarding, US Assistant DEI Coordinator
  • Photo of Rachel Mwakitawa

    Rachel Mwakitawa 

    Lower School Teacher, LS DEI Coordinator

DEI Leadership News

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