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Affording Hackley Overview

Many believe that Hackley awards financial aid only to families who can afford to pay little toward tuition. This is not true.
Each year we have conversations with prospective parents who say, “Oh, we can’t afford Hackley.” When we mention our financial aid program, they say, “Yes, but we assume we wouldn’t qualify for aid.” Often, these parents find they are mistaken.

At Hackley, the “need threshold” begins with the first dollar of tuition that stretches a family’s finances beyond manageability; this means we provide tuition support across a wide spectrum of incomes. In fact, over one-third of our aid recipients come from households making over $200,000 a year. These families qualify because they also pay tuition elsewhere, or care for an elderly parent, or face other legitimate expenses our process takes into account.

Our founders believed that meeting different kinds of people creates more opportunities for understanding, for inspiration and for wisdom. For this reason we seek talented children of teachers and professors, scientists, artists, nurses, firefighters, engineers, lawyers, bankers, small business owners, and more – students who will learn as much from one another’s families as they learn in class.

We welcome and encourage families to contact us about Financial Aid – particularly those families who assume they will not qualify.

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