Application Fee Waivers

If you would like to request a need-based waiver for our application fee, please contact Kimberly Cummings ( in our office for instructions on how to apply. Hackley does not offer a fee waiver for the evaluation fee required for Kindergarten and 1st grade applicants. The deadline to apply for the application fee waiver is Tuesday, November 30th at 3:30 PM.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not qualify for a fee waiver, this should not be taken as an indication of your eligibility to qualify for a financial aid award, as the two application processes are entirely separate.


  • Release of Information Form
    Parent/guardian authorization form for the release of any and all records and information about the student.
Applying to Hackley

Kindergarten to Grade 5 Applications

Admissions Timeline

We recognize that applying to a school is a complex process involving a great many elements and considerable time. We hope that the information provided on these pages will make Hackley's application process clearer and will allow for the most positive experience.  We look forward to working with you!

If you have questions about any of the steps outlined in our process (links to the left), please feel free to email the Hackley Admissions Office or call (914) 366-2642.

One important note:  we are happy to have families begin exploring Hackley at any point prior to an application.  This said, we do not accept actual applications to Hackley more than a year in advance.  Applications for a given school year (e.g. 2021-22) cannot be accepted before September of the preceding school year (e.g. Sep 2020).

To apply to Kindergarten through Grade 5...

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  • Step 1 - Set up your Admissions portal

    • Your Portal is your online, password-protected Hackley admissions account - you will use this to begin your application, to schedule appointments and events, to access needed paperwork, and more.
    • To begin, click here to complete our inquiry form. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email with the login and password for your Admissions portal account. If you have already completed an inquiry form you can log in here.
  • Step 2 - Sign up for a virtual event!

    Join us for an information session and virtual tour, or sign up for one or more of our Thursdays on the Hilltop!
  • Step 3 - Submit the online application (beginning Sept 8)

    • The Family Portion of your application (family information and student information forms, parent questionnaire, Grade 5 student questionnaire and accomplishments form and application fee) is due by Monday, November 30.
    • All supporting documents (transcripts, recommendations, etc.) are due by Monday, January 11.
  • Step 4 - Schedule your student (Grade 5 only) and parent/guardian virtual interviews

    Once you've submitted your family information and student information forms and the application fee, you will have the ability in your Admissions Portal to schedule your virtual interview electronically. Interviews must be scheduled no later than Friday, December 11.
  • Step 5 - (For K-1 APPLICANTS) Schedule your one-on-one assessment

    Families applying for grades K-1 must schedule their child's virtual one-on-one assessment with our educational psychologist. Your child's assessment must be scheduled no later than Friday, December 11.
  • Step 5 - (For Grades K-4 applicants) Schedule your Teacher Time

    Families applying for Kindergarten through grade 4 can schedule their child's virtual one-on-one "Teacher Time" evaluation. Teacher Time must be scheduled no later than Friday, December 11.
  • Step 6 - Request official transcripts from your current school

    • Because we require reports from the current school year and the two previous years, if your child has been in more than one school, you may need to submit our downloadable form separately to his/her/their previous school.
    • FOR K-2 APPLICANTS:  We would like ALL school reports your child has received (recognizing there may not be 2 1/2 years in total).
    • Note that if you submit the transcript request form too early in the school year, your school may not include reports from the current year.
    • Transcripts need to be received by Monday, January 11.
  • Step 7 - Submit teacher recommendation forms

    • We require students' current teachers to complete our online recommendation forms, which you can access from your Admissions Portal.
    • Recommendations should be submitted by Monday, January 11.
  • Step 8 - (GRADE 5 ONLY) Sign up for the ISEE or SSAT

  • Decision and reply dates

    • Decisions for families with children applying to Kindergarten will be available in the admissions portal on Thursday, February 4. Families accepted to Kindergarten will need to reply to the Admissions Office regarding their decision to enroll no later than noon on Thursday, February 11.
    • Decisions for families with children applying to grades 1-5 will be available in the admissions portal on Tuesday, February 9. Families accepted to grades 1-5 will need to reply to the Admissions Office regarding their decision to enroll no later than noon on Tuesday, March 2.
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