Visiting Hackley

A century ago, our founders carved the message “Enter here to be and find a friend” above our main entrance, and it’s an invitation our Admission Office extends warmly throughout the school year. Hackley is a welcoming place, where students and faculty go out of their way to turn visitors into friends.

We provide tours and information sessions from April to November of each year and accept applications beginning one year prior to the start of the coming school year (eg., September 2019 for the 2020-21 school year).

In order to schedule your visit, begin by setting up your Admissions Portal. Your Admissions Portal will allow you to schedule a tour and information session, submit an application and  schedule an interview.

Visiting Opportunities

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  • Information Sessions and Campus Tours

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  • Upper School Open House - Saturday, October 24th

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  • Lower and Middle School Open House - Saturday, November 14th

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Where Should I Go When I Visit?

Will I need any forms to visit?

The parents of any student coming to Hackley for a class visit should download, print and complete our Emergency Form.  We will ask for your completed form when you arrive on the day of your visit.

Dress Code Guidelines

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  • What should I wear when I come for my class visit to Hackley?

    • The dress code expects students to dress respectfully, in neat clothing in good repair.
    • Acceptable tops include shirts with collars (e.g. golf shirts, dress shirts, rugby shirts, turtlenecks), blouses, or sweaters. They must be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and cover the back, midriff and chest.
    • Dresses and skirts must be of school-appropriate length (hems should be no shorter than five inches above the knee). Dresses must provide appropriate coverage of the back, midriff, and chest.
    • Pants must be full-length or calf-length and fit properly.
    • Ties and jackets are not necessary.
    • Students may not wear athletic or yoga attire, clothing with large graphics or logos, or clothing that resembles sleepwear or undergarments.
    • Hats/head-covering is not allowed unless linked to one’s religion.
    • Shoes that are or resemble Crocs, flip-flops or five-finger toe shoes are not allowed, nor are shoes with high heels or stiletto heels.
  • What should I do about physical education classes during my visit?

    Students visiting Grades 7-12 will not attend PE classes; therefore, a change of clothes or sneakers will not be necessary.
    Students visiting Grades 5 or 6 may attend a PE class as part of their day’s schedule, and visitors are welcome to participate in the class. If a visitor wishes to participate, she or he should bring a change of clothing and sneakers. Please be aware participation is not required; visiting students may simply observe if they prefer.
    Students visiting the Lower School are permitted to wear or bring sneakers in order to take part in PE classes; a change of clothing is not necessary in this case.
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