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  • Faculty Housing Phase II: Digging!

    The construction team is now at work to bring our Phase II of new faculty housing into being!  First, they dismantled one of the former "Allen's Alley" houses to make way for the new, larger building, and then started digging the foundation.  Stay tuned for updates throught the fall!
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    • Mr. McLay on Housing

    • Mrs. Tranchida on Housing

    • Mr. Teacher on Housing

    • Mrs. Stanek on Faculty Housing

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  • The Greenbergs,  ready for their “hard hat” tour of the new construction.

    Faculty Housing: The Vision for More Homes

    Hackley Review Winter 2017-18: The Greenberg family deeply appreciates the dynamic that shapes our Hilltop community, noting that “We all recognize that the strength of any school is its faculty. Faculty housing can be a deciding factor in attracting and keeping the finest teachers.”
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  • Legendary faculty member Kathy Szabo and Margie McNaughton Ford ’85.

    Growing up on the Hilltop

    Hackley Review Winter 2017-18: By Margie McNaughton Ford ’85: Hackley has been my home since I was an infant. I took my first steps in the Grille Room, rode my tricycle on the quad, had my first my kiss on Clark Oval, learned to drive a stick shift on the Hackley hills, was married in King Chapel, and it was there we joined Hackley friends in saying farewell to my dad this past June. Hackley and I have an intimate history.
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  • Science teacher Bill McLay and his son Will check out their new apartment in the nearly-complete four unit faculty housing.

    Faculty Housing: The Heart of Campus Community

    Hackley Review Winter 2017-18: “Four new faculty apartments are presently being built on the Hilltop. This project recognizes the long standing need for more substantial living quarters for faculty members and their families.”

    So wrote Henry Silverman ’57 for The Dial during his days as a student. And we are pleased to be able to say exactly those words again now about the new housing four Hackley families will occupy this winter.
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Faculty Housing Phase II

Since the School’s founding, great teachers and coaches have been at the heart of Hackley School. Alumni and parents rank our dedicated faculty as the single most important strength of the school. Given the high cost of living in Westchester County, offering housing represents a key way to attract and retain outstanding teachers and coaches.
With thanks to an anonymous donor to The Legacy Campaign, we recently completed our Phase I building, which, with its four new apartments, allows us to house 38% of Hackley teachers.

Earlier this spring Glenn and Linda Greenberg P ’22, ’24 offered an extraordinarily generous challenge by matching commitments to Faculty Housing Phase II up to $1,050,000.

With thanks to many members of the Hackley Community, we met and surpassed $1,050,000, and broke ground on our new eight unit building this summer!
    • Faculty Housing Phase II

Housing is critically important to the School’s ability to attract and retain outstanding faculty. Upon completion of this phase, which adds four 3 bedroom apartments and four 2 bedroom apartments, we will be able to house up to 43% of the faculty.*

We are especially grateful to the Greenbergs for their philanthropic leadership, which is enabling us to expedite construction, and to the generations of Hackley teachers who have inspired our community’s support.

*To make room for Phase II, one Allen’s Alley home will be removed.
“Not only does it help teacher pay go further, campus housing is convenient and offers access to terrific facilities. Having our teachers on campus also facilitates greater interaction with their students—our children. It is with enthusiasm that we support additional faculty housing at Hackley.”
- The Greenberg Family
Phase II eight unit housing.
Dark gray structure, far right: Phase I four unit housing, opened Spring 2018. Dark gray structure, top: Phase II eight unit housing. Light gray structures: existing Allen’s Alley faculty houses.
The recently completed Phase I faculty housing building.