Hudson Scholars February Reunion

The Hudson Scholars February reunion began with Hackley Upper School students leading small group sessions about Hackley clubs/organizations in order to foster conversation around pursuing your passions and different leadership styles.
Leaders of the following clubs/organizations ran the mini-workshops: Abbott House, AGSA, The Board of Magistrates, Debate, Dux Femina Facti, Girls who Code, Progressive Action League, and Unity. The Upper School students did an incredible job of inspiring thoughtful conversations and reflection.

After lunch, the Scholars took part in an afternoon of strategy, roleplaying, and miniatures games hosted by Hackley teachers Jared Fishman, Mike Canterino, Emma Olsen and Steele Sternberg. The day was a rousing success, with students utilizing all sorts of skills in order to achieve success in their various settings. Students were transported to a variety of worlds including a sci-fi, “Alien” like space ship, a small European city filled with unspeakable monsters, a fantasy world of comic book characters, and real life Zululand in 1879. Dice, cards, and decisions flew all day long, and the gaming crew hopes to see the Hudson Scholars again for more fun.