Hackley Hosts MS Debate

Approximately 30 MS debaters competed this past weekend at two separate locations – one of which was at Hackley – for the final regular season debate tournament of the season.
One of our 8th grade teams, Ella R. and Akshi K., won the Empire Division tournament held at the Garden School while 8th graders Mason N., Zara Y., and Amy K. came in 6th place. Ella R. also earned the 4th place overall speaker award and Hackley was the top school with a winning percentage of 90% (they won 9 of 10 debates).

At Hackley, we had eight 5th, 6th, and 7th grade teams compete over the course of the day. Hackley earned the most number of wins with 20 and multiple teams went 4-1. 6th graders Philip M., Ignacio C., and Dylan F. came in 4th place overall with a 4-1 record and 7th graders Jad B., Robbie G., and James P., came in 5th, also with a 4-1 record. Congratulations to some new debaters, including Sofia D. and Enrique R., for jumping in at the last minute to participate!

With the conclusion of the regular season, MS debaters will have two more opportunities to debate in year-end finals. Some teams may head to California the weekend of April 26th and others to the NY area on May 18th.