Exploring Francophone Culture

Hackley's Post-AP Advanced French Literature class went to the Vietnamese restaurant Saigonese, located in Hartsdale. The class had been discussing for weeks the politics of food in various French-speaking countries, and it was time to continue the conversation in an actual restaurant!
Will Crainer noted, "Our recent trip to Saigonese may, at first, sound silly but it perfectly embodies the experiential learning and international initiatives that Hackley so highly values. Many of us were able to taste Vietnamese food for the first time as well as have the chance to speak a more conversational French in a relaxed, realistic setting. These new experiences opened my eyes to a new culture and cuisine as well as gave me confidence and practice with conversational French, something no classroom setting could as effectively simulate. I hope that in the future more classes take advantage of the rich diversity in cuisine in the area to learn more about the culture and language of the country they are learning about."

After the trip, the students wrote a culinary critique of the restaurant. A nourishing experience all-around!