Exploring Science in Action

Hackley’s Independent Research students and Advanced Bio students were lucky enough to take a field trip to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals on Tuesday 11/5/2019.

During the visit, we toured the Regeneron Genetics Center, Velocigene, and Velocimouse research facilities, and their Preclinical Manufacturing and Process Development divisions where we got a glimpse of their revolutionary workflow from studying genes to bringing drugs to market.

We also had the pleasure of having lunch with senior scientists where we heard their unique stories that brought them to Regeneron, and students were able to ask questions ranging from career advice to opinions on anti-vaxers in an open format.

Some of our students’ absolutely loved seeing the bioreactors to get a glimpse of the drug making process, while others were truly inspired by the passion and dedication of the scientists to work past failures to make new medicines that change lives. Thank you to George Yancopoulos P ’12, ’14, ’16, ’18 and Regeneron for hosting us on this very special day!