Senior Artists of the Week: 2/26/21

The Visual and Performing Arts Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.
Visual and Performing Arts

Arav Misra '21
Arav began his Hackley percussion journey with the Middle School Bands and has been a contributing member of the US Concert Band for four years.  A committed musician, Arav’s love for music has allowed him to be a devoted, reliable, and productive contributor to the band programs. Perhaps most importantly is the positive attitude Arav brings to each rehearsal: he has been an essential contributor to the overall collegiality of the percussion section and the full band in both rehearsals and concerts.  Arav communicates his passion for music through his expressive and impassioned playing;  he has the unique ability to convey an array of emotional depth in his percussion playing; from sensitive, to adventurous, to fearless. 

Arav is also a talented and dedicated student of architecture. As a senior in the Architecture and Design course, Arav’s fascination for what architects do, and his enthusiasm for learning how they do it, has motivated the entire group during a difficult winter in the studio and on Zoom. Arav genuinely enjoys the challenges that architectural drawing poses; in fact, the more challenging the problem, the more interested Arav is to tackle it! Working with an engineer’s precision at the drafting board, Arav’s upcoming 3rd-trimester designs for a building of his own conception promise to be a spectacular success!  

Visual Arts

Gainsley Korengold '21
As a Hackley “lifer”, Gainsley has been making art in Hackley’s studios since kindergarten! She is truly an acknowledged and respected veteran of our program; over the years enriching and contributing to it as much as she has progressed and learned from it. Gainsley is a tireless and dedicated artist—working with the same steady consistency and focus this year as an AP student as she showed in her lower, middle, and prior upper school courses. For her senior portfolio, Gainsley is creating a series of images that both explore and celebrate the vibrant visual culture of New Orleans. Meticulously observed and richly saturated, her compositions are constructed from numerous subjects geometrically woven together. The final drawings capture the essence and spirit of the city in a manner far beyond what a more conventional single rendering could. During this challenging and difficult year, Gainsley’s playful and energetic portfolio has brought a much welcomed and needed optimism to the studio. Well done and thank you, Gainsley!