Hackley School Welcomes Visual Artist-in-Residence Thomas Doyle

On Wednesday, April 13, Hackley welcomed artist Thomas Doyle for a day of creative expression with Middle and Upper School students in our art studios and Maker Space. Doyle is the first visual artist-in-residence to visit the school as part of the Creative Residency Program since the onset of the pandemic two years ago. 

Doyle's art focuses on memory recall evoked through a medium that just happens to be 1:43 scale and smaller. Using items like Paper-mâché and epoxy, along with natural items like rocks and dirt, he is able to create a world under a mini glass dome which connects present to past. His pieces, while contained in a finite space, inspire boundless interpretation and emotional connection. Learn more about Doyle’s work here
During the visit, Doyle met and worked with Upper School 3D Design and Foundations Studio students, as well as Middle School sixth grade artists, and seventh and eighth grade art majors. The workshops focused on depictions of suburban settings, tilted and tipped on edge. Using two figures in action (i.e. sitting vs. standing), he invited students to build narratives around the work they saw. 

“We are so thankful to Mr. Doyle for sharing his experience and skills with our young artists,” says Greg Cice, Chair of Visual Arts. “The students were deeply inspired and fascinated by his work. The department is excited to welcome him back to campus this coming fall, to work with all three divisions during an extended week-long Creative Arts Residency on the Hilltop!”

Thomas Doyle’s Creative Residency supports a key pillar of Redefining Excellence: Learning Beyond Boundariesto promote the Hilltop as a learning hub. The program brings creative teaching artists in performing arts, visual arts, and computer science to campus. It was designed to further enhance arts instruction and education, and provide developmental and cultural benefits to students, faculty, and community members. 

Click here to read about the inaugural artist-in-residence visit held in February 2020 and watch the video here