School Life


The core of Hackley’s educational mission is the challenge to “learn from the varying perspectives and backgrounds in our community and the world.”
Our community’s diversities feed this essential mission every day as we learn about and embrace our differences and perspectives, encourage healthy debate, and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect as we strive to become responsible citizens of our multicultural world.

We represent a multitude of diversities, including race, gender identity, national origin, economic class, ethnicity, learning style, sexual identity, political view, religion, family structure, and talent. We all come together, literally and metaphorically, under the greeting carved above our entrance, “Enter Here to be and Find a Friend,” as it is through friendship and collaboration with others that we discover ourselves.

We explore and learn from diversity, equity, and inclusion in so many ways. Lower School students learn about the many places their classmates and teachers come from and the traditions they can share. Middle and Upper School students engage in active community-building that pushes them to look at “the other” both in terms of what they feel and what they project, and to be okay with the discomfort that sometimes comes with asking to learn. Our active debate program and classroom dialogue invite exploration of different political perspectives. Faculty coordinators in each division, our student Diversity clubs, as well as our parents’ and alumni associations, design and encourage programming that brings people together in collaborative dialogue on a wide range of topics.

In brief, as a community built around the motto Iuncti iuvamus– “united, we help one another”—working, learning, and sharing experiences together is simply just what we do.