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Working at Hackley

Hackley is a mission-driven school, filled with faculty and staff committed to helping students grow in “character, scholarship, and accomplishment” and to “learn from the varying perspectives and backgrounds in our community and the world.” These adults are committed to one another and the community as a whole, embodying our motto, “United, We Help One Another” through a spirit of passionate engagement.
Hackley values the rich diversity of its workforce and does not discriminate in its employment policies or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, national origin, sexual orientation, or marital status. As part of its continuing equal employment opportunity efforts, Hackley is committed to providing a work environment that respects diversity and fosters equality. Faculty and staff are encouraged to grow through professional development opportunities related to their field, as well as through those focused on issues of diversity and inclusion in accordance with the school’s mission.

Unlike many schools, Hackley is alive 24/7 with residential faculty and 5-day boarders. Many faculty live and raise their families on campus, and faculty and staff often gather in the dining hall for breakfast or dinner. We seek faculty and staff who share our commitment to community, who share the value we place on character, who will offer “unreserved effort,” and who will enrich the community as we learn from one another.

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  • About Faculty Positions

    Hackley not only seeks those who excel in their chosen field, but those who desire to be active participants in a dynamic educational environment. At Hackley, it is not sufficient to simply “know your stuff,” although it is clear our faculty members do; most possess undergraduate training in their specific curriculum area as well as a graduate degree either in education or in their field. Successful faculty relate well to their students and the age group with whom they work, understanding them as people and learners. We look to hire faculty that will serve as good character role models for students, demonstrating a willingness to help others and contribute to the community.

    Teaching responsibilities vary by division, and generally include extra duties such as advisory, committee work, coaching, and after-school programs. Additional responsibilities include student grade reporting, comment-writing, and parent conferences. Faculty are expected to participate in the life of the school by volunteering to chaperone dances, school trips, and other activities. Hackley is committed to our mission statement and the continued growth of our faculty. Professional development is an expectation of working at Hackley, ensuring that faculty remain current in their curricular area, expanding their understanding of pedagogy, and continue learning around issues of diversity and inclusivity.

    Faculty hiring generally takes place in late winter into spring. Our search process may include a phone interview(s) and/or a visit(s) to campus during which candidates will teach a class and meet appropriate administrators (Head of School, Associate Head of School, Assistant Head of School, Division Director(s), and/or department chair), additional faculty and/or students.

    Our employees enjoy competitive salaries, benefits, and 403b. Due to the day and boarding structure of the school, housing is sometimes an option as well.
  • About Staff Positions

    Staff members at Hackley are the backbone of the organization, providing critical support to faculty, administrators, parents, and students. All staff positions require a great attitude, strong interpersonal and communications skills, excellent computer and phone skills, and the ability to work as a participating team member. Staff work a 40-hour week (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM daily). Hiring occurs as positions need to be filled.
  • About Administrative Positions

    The Head of School is charged by the Board of Trustees with enacting the school’s mission. In addition to assembling a collaborative and highly skilled group of faculty and staff, the Head seeks to build a team of dedicated administrative leaders. A smaller group - the Leadership Team - reports directly to the Head and assume responsibility for the major functions or divisions of the school. Additional administrators work within their areas to ensure its continued smooth operation, while also positioning the school for future success.

    Administrators must possess strong leadership and supervisory skills, a track record of collaboration and professionalism, and a desire to work in a mission-driven organization.

    The Leadership Team
    • Michael C. Wirtz, Head of School
    • Philip J. Variano, Associate Head of School for School Operations
    • Steven D. Bileca, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs
    • Peter McAndrew, Director of Finance and Campus Planning
    • Andrew M. King, Director of the Upper School
    • Cyndy Jean , Director of the Middle School
    • Lisa Oberstein, Director of the Lower School
    • Sheila Hicks-Rotella, Director of Enrollment Management
    • Teresa Weber, Director of Advancement
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