Middle School
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Computer Science

Students today live in a digitized, computerized, programmable world. To make sense of it, they need to understand computer science.
Middle School Computer Science classes introduce computer programming and offer students an opportunity to learn and use new technologies. With an emphasis on communicating their ideas clearly through a variety of media, the four-year sequence allows students to develop logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking, design and structured problem solving, and digital literacy. The program teaches a range of skills including keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, desktop and web publishing, beginning programming, copyright issues and internet research (done in conjunction with the library).

Computer Science Courses

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  • Computer 5

    This one-trimester course introduces Logo programming concepts and commands. Students are introduced to Logo syntax and move from basic to more complex programming topics including writing conditional statements and embedding subprocedures within programs. Projects include creating geometric shapes, exploring probability, and creating a simple game.
  • Computer 6

    This one-trimester course continues the study of Logo programming begun in the fifth grade. Students are guided through a project where they create a program that simulates an experiment where data is generated, collected and displayed.
  • Computer 7

    This one-trimester course continues the study of problem solving and programming through a design-based approach. Using Logo and Scratch, programming environments developed at MIT, seventh grade students engage in creative computing to support their development as computational thinkers. This course offers students the opportunity to draw on computational concepts, practices, and perspectives through a wide variety of activities designed to explore examples in each of these areas. Students will be given opportunities to create and program animated stories and computer games.
  • Computer 8

    Building on the concepts learned in seventh grade, the one-trimester Computer 8 course incorporates new programming environments and enhances students’ skills in the areas of problem solving, computational thinking, and programming. Concepts learned through this project-based course include scripting and object-based programming. Students will also become familiar with more sophisticated tools for graphic design, and computer animation.