Lower School

Associate Teacher Program

Hackley’s Lower School Associate Teacher Program (Grades 1-4) provides emerging teachers with the opportunity to learn from seasoned teachers, while also developing their own professional skills and craft. This four-year program prepares individuals to become head/lead teachers in private and public school settings.
Along with Hackley’s already-strong professional development opportunities, associate teachers will engage in interactive discussions and real-world situations with their cohort during monthly meetings. These meetings allow the associates to immerse themselves in best practices as well as education-related topics that they can employ in the classroom.

Over the course of an associate teacher's tenure, he/she will implement and teach a wide range of social studies, math, and literacy lessons in multiple grades. The Lower School Lead Teachers, Directors of the Associate Teacher program, and the Lower School Director work closely to mentor associates with lesson guidance and curriculum development and implementation. Associates will also have the option to further engage with the K-12 faculty and student body through school-wide collaboration initiatives, after-school activities, and coaching positions.

This position provides full medical benefits, a 403(b) retirement plan, a competitive salary, and tuition reimbursement. Faculty housing is available on a limited basis. Additional income can be earned through stipended work for clubs and coaching.

To further inquire about the Associate Teacher Program, please contact the directors.

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