Middle School
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Theater Arts

Theater Arts offer Middle School students an opportunity to explore concepts of performance based upon character.
Over the course of their experience in the Middle School, students are exposed to the craft of scene writing, character development, stage presence, blocking and the behind-the-scenes technicalities that bring theater to life.
Seventh and eighth grade students who elect to major in theater arts should select Acting Intensive. Seventh and eighth grade students who minor in theater arts should select All Things Theatrical.

Theater Arts Courses

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  • Drama 5

    Students will explore their own artistic potential using theater games and improvisational exercises that focus on ensemble building, storytelling, creative movement and voice, and the art of pantomime. Students will gain greater self-confidence along with a strong knowledge of and respect for the creative process. Additionally, students will learn how to discuss or critique their own work and that of their classmates in a respectful manner that seeks to improve everybody’s experience.
  • Drama 6

    Using various structures and styles of improvisation, students will be introduced to the basic tenets of acting. Additionally, students will regularly engage in skit/scene creation and development. The course focuses on each actor’s individual progress and their ability to engage in the rehearsal and development process both individually and with others. Theater games and other ensemble building exercises will continue. Review of pantomime techniques will also occur to provide additional technique for scene building.
  • Acting Intensive 7-8 (Major)

    Acting Intensive is a class for students who enjoy the art of acting and want frequent opportunities to perform. To begin the course, students will learn the basics of truthful, realistic acting and character development by trying their hand at scenes, monologues and different projects. They will explore acting through improvisation and movement exercises, working individually and in collaborative and cooperative groups. Students will test the skills they learned in a public showcase of scenes and monologues during trimester one.

    The young performers will continue to hone their acting skills in trimester two, and in the third trimester, they will once again take the stage and perform in a play. All students will take an active role in the process, including rehearsal auditions, performance research and production design.

    The students in this class will not only learn skills related to theater, but also will build practical skills for life: being a positive member of a team/ensemble, learning patience, acquiring active listening skills and understanding the importance of being present in the moment.

    Students who register for the class should be prepared to participate in performances in trimesters one and three. Due to the outside time commitment required for this class to rehearse and perform in a spring production, eighth grade students who want to try out for varsity teams during the spring athletics season should not register for Acting Intensive.
  • All Things Theatrical 7-8 (Minor)

    This class will teach students everything they need to know about the theater in order to appreciate a play or even write, star in, produce or direct one themselves one day! The fast-moving course will consist of approximately eight different units, including improvisation, creative writing, monologues, scene study, design and theater production/technical theater.