Middle School
MS Curriculum

Physical Education & Athletics

The Middle School physical education program emphasizes physical, social and emotional growth along with participation, cooperation, respect, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.
Fifth- and sixth-grade students receive instruction four times over the seven-day class cycle.

Seventh and eighth graders participate in interscholastic sports throughout the school year which fulfills their physical education requirement while preparing them to be future junior varsity and varsity athletes.

Physical Education and Athletics

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  • Physical Education 5 & 6

    The Physical Education program for students in fifth and sixth grades provides developmental instruction in activities designed to foster the basic skills and strategies necessary for a lifetime of physical activity and wellness. The program’s focus is on the child’s physical, social, and emotional growth and well-being. Instruction is aimed at developing gross motor skills, directionality, object manipulation, coordination, spatial awareness, and lifetime fitness. The instructional environment emphasizes participation, cooperation, respect, leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork.
  • Interscholastic Sports Teams 7 & 8

    • Cross Country -- Co-Ed
    • Field Hockey -- Girls
    • Football -- Boys
    • Soccer -- Boys
    • Soccer -- Girls
    • Basketball -- Boys
    • Basketball -- Girls
    • Fencing -- Co-Ed
    • Indoor Track -- Co-Ed
    • Squash -- Boys
    • Squash -- Girls
    • Swimming -- Co-Ed
    • Wrestling -- Boys
    • Baseball -- Boys
    • Lacrosse -- Boys
    • Lacrosse -- Girls
    • Softball-- Girls
    • Tennis -- Co-Ed
    • Track and Field -- Co-Ed