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Lower School Welcome

Welcome to Hackley’s Kathleen Allen Lower School. Our motto, “United, we help one another” plays out every day in support of our children’s continuing development.
As you explore the Lower School, you will discover a cheerful, engaged community of approximately 200 children in grades Kindergarten through Four, learning together in an atmosphere that establishes collaboration and kindness as essential partners to academic challenge. Appreciating each other and a spirit of cooperation are embedded in everything we teach.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions about our Lower School.
Sincerely yours,
Anne Ewing Burns
Lower School Director


List of 12 news stories.

  • Ducklings!

    The weather may not have been very spring-like recently, but it is spring, nevertheless--proven by the arrival of Hackley's ducklings!
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  • Serving the Community Through Music

    The Music Institute’s Cello Club had their Inaugural Recital at the Marymount Convent Nursing Home in Tarrytown on Friday, May 10th.
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  • Pirate Adventures and Song

    Our 2nd grade Pirate Adventurers traveled the globe in their recent play, “Traveling the World for Buried Treasure.” One of their stops was China where they learned this beautiful children’s song, “One World, One Dream.”
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  • Fly...be free!

    During the first week of May, Hackley kindergartners and 1st graders released into the Lower School Garden the butterflies and ladybugs they had raised from larvae and watched as they went through their metamorphosis in the classrooms.
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  • Hack Gives Back

    Check out all that our students accomplished in the spring Hack Gives Back effort!
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  • Learning Made Personal

    Frida S. in the Class of 2027 found connection across Hackley generations with Ilyasah Shabazz '79 by way of her fourth grade biography project on Malcolm X.
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  • Building Bridges...with Spaghetti

    Hackley Advanced Physics students conducted a study on the theory and design of truss, arch, and suspension bridges, seeking to design the most efficient bridge using only spaghetti, fishing line, and hot glue.
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  • Exploring Project-Based Learning in Second Grade

    In Social Studies, the Second Grade have been traveling around the world, learning about various countries and their rich cultures and the students have been intrigued by how different life can be.
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  • Riverpark Cleanup

    On Saturday morning, April 27th, over 30 Hackley community members, spanning across all three divisions, came together to help clean up the riverbanks down by the water at Pierson Park in Tarrytown.
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  • Cross Divisional Language Partnership

    On Monday, April 29th, Upper School French students had the exciting opportunity to visit 2H to teach mini-lessons about France, connected to the second grade Social Studies curriculum.
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  • PSAs for Earth Day

    In honor of Earth Day, Lower School and Upper School students have created this terrific set of public service announcements to remind students –and adults -- in every division about the proper ways to recycle.
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  • Making Monuments in Kindergarten

    Kindergarten students, in KK, recently worked collaboratively in small groups to recreate four U.S. Symbols (The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, the bald eagle, and the Statue of Liberty) by upcycling items from Mrs. Murray-Jones’ portable Makerspace cart.
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