For assistance in managing the financial aid application process, including the timely receipt of all supporting documentation, please contact Kimberly Cummings, Office Manager for Admissions & Financial Aid.

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    Kimberly Cummings 

    Admissions Database Manager/Financial Aid Coordinator
For any additional questions about the financial aid process please contact Karen Beatty, Director of Financial Aid.

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    Karen Beatty 

    Director of Business Operations and Financial Aid
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Affording Hackley

Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is perhaps best understood as a two part effort:
Part One is completed in conjunction with the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS) and requires families to complete the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). The PFS allows families to apply to multiple schools for financial aid. There is a fee for this service.

Part Two is completed in conjunction with Hackley School and requires families to submit documentation supplementary to the information contained in the PFS.

Link to the complete guidelines for Hackley's Financial Aid Program or download the PDF of the Financial Aid Guidelines here.

Financial Aid Mission Statement

Hackley School’s financial aid program embodies the school’s mission-driven commitment to enroll and support students with financial need, who by virtue of their character, talent, backgrounds, and perspectives, enrich the community and its educational environment. Financial aid grants are administered to ensure that all students benefit from the full range of Hackley’s educational program and offerings. 


Hackley safeguards the confidentiality of all financial information supplied by applicants and does not publicly identify recipients of financial aid, except with parental permission in the case of distinguished, named awards granted in conjunction with the Office of Alumni & Development. Only those persons directly involved in the financial aid process or in its administration will review this information.


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Factors That Affect Financial Aid Awards

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Types of Aid and Financial Assistance

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  • What types of aid are available?

    Hackley awards grants based on demonstrated need as determined by:
    1. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS);
    2. The School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS); and
    3. Hackley School’s Institutional Financial Aid Methodology.
    Grants are financial awards that do not need to be repaid. However, grants frequently cover only a portion of tuition and fees. Families are financially responsible for the remaining tuition and fees, as well as other charges, such as books, transportation, and other incidentals, not otherwise covered by the Extracurricular Fund.
  • What is the Extracurricular Fund?

    In an effort to make the extracurricular aspects of a Hackley education available to every student and recognizing the benefits of broad participation by the student body both inside and outside of the classroom, the Extracurricular Fund provides additional financial aid for “covered activities” to families receiving financial aid. Covered activities are funded at the same rate as the family’s financial aid award. For example, if a family’s financial aid award covers 60% of tuition and fees, then a family would receive $60.00 to defray the costs of a $100.00 class trip.
  • What types of "covered activities" are supported by the Extracurricular Fund?

    Covered activities are activities led by Hackley faculty and staff and include activities such as:
    1. Academic and athletic team trips;
    2. Standardized test preparation and fees;
    3. Cultural exchange programs;
    4. Hackley Music Institute Fees; and
    5. Tutoring (when recommended by a student's current teacher and approved by the division director)
  • What types of activities are not supported by the Extracurricular Fund?

    Covered activities do not include outside programs, such as:
    1. Private music or dance lessons that occur off campus or are taught by outside professionals;
    2. Books, school supplies, and other bookstore incidentals; and
    3. Hackley School bus transportation.
  • How do families access the Extracurricular Fund?

    To access the extracurricular fund, families directly contact their child's Division Director at the Lower, Middle, or Upper School.
  • Are there any other instances where Hackley defrays cost for extracurricular activities?

    There are three other instances for which Hackley helps to defray cost:
    1. All students participating in the five-day boarding program receive one hour of tutoring per week at no cost.
    2. For families receiving financial aid, Hackley offers financial aid for the Hackley Summer Programs in an amount determined each year.
  • Are there any other types of tuition assistance?

    Loans and payment plans are also available to assist families with tuition.
    1. Plitt Loan: Plitt Loans may be available to Upper School financial aid applicants who either did not qualify for a grant or who qualified for too small a grant to attend Hackley. These loans allow Upper School parents to pay for educational costs in regular monthly installments at a lower than usual interest rate over an extended period of time.
    2. Commercial Loan: Bank loans at commercial interest rates may be available to all families. These loans allow parents to borrow up to four years of tuition allowing for as many as 15 years to repay the loan.
    3. Two Installment Payment Plan: Families may opt to pay tuition in two equal installments with half the tuition and fees less the deposit due mid-July and the remainder of the tuition and fees less the deposit due mid-November.
    4. Ten Month Payment Plan: Families may opt to participate in a ten month payment plan. The first of ten equal payments of tuition and fees less the deposit is due on May 1. The remainder of the payments are due on the first of each month, with a final due date of February 1.

The Award

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  • Artist: Melissa Chervin '13

    The Portrait of Financial Aid

    By Chris McColl, former Director of Admission

    I’ve been working in Financial Aid for almost 14 years. In that time, I’ve learned that Financial Aid involves two fundamental principles:

    1. Nobody likes talking about money, especially with strangers.
    2. Applying for financial aid requires people to talk about money with strangers.
    In keeping with Principle #1, then, I’ll temporarily avoid this conversation by discussing Hackley’s Visual Arts program.
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  • Dianne (Sullivan) Fahy ’92

    Dianne (Sullivan) Fahy ’92

    The portrait of financial aid at Hackley is both extraordinarily complicated and, at its core, very simple. Complicated because there is no “type.” There is not even a particular economic stratum, in the sense that families at Hackley receive financial aid packages both large and small. For some, the need is large. For others, a little help is what it takes. It’s simple, though, because those receiving financial aid are simply great Hackley kids. And sometimes those great Hackley kids grow up to be great Hackley teachers.
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  • Dave Andignac ’65

    Dave Andignac ’65

    Early Headmaster Walter Gage believed that the more privileged Hackley students benefitted from knowing what he called "rough and tumble" boys from backgrounds unlike theirs. In some ways, Dave Andignac's background fit that description, but but more significantly, he taught his classmates about the meaning of the American Dream.
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