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Welcome! The zest, energy, and curiosity of early adolescence are felt throughout Hackley’s Middle School. With peals of laughter, students reach for one another to keep their balance; they huddle together at a computer station fine tuning a jointly composed musical score; they race to the gym to dress for sports, turning Akin Common into a torrent of speeding bodies.
What allows for such exuberance? A faculty that well understands the developmental needs of Middle Schoolers; coursework that stimulates the mind; and Hackley’s commitment to the words inscribed upon its main doorway: “Enter Here to Be and Find a Friend.” Ranging in age from nine-and-three-quarters to fourteen-and-a-half, Middle School students arrive as fifth grade children and leave as young adults. During these four years of rapid growth, we nurture scholarship and humanity in each of our students.


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  • Ducklings!

    The weather may not have been very spring-like recently, but it is spring, nevertheless--proven by the arrival of Hackley's ducklings!
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  • Serving the Community Through Music

    The Music Institute’s Cello Club had their Inaugural Recital at the Marymount Convent Nursing Home in Tarrytown on Friday, May 10th.
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  • 7th grade Whirlpool scoring points during their second run

    MS Aquabots Triumph!

    On May 11th, Hackley’s Aquabots competed in the Marine Advanced Technology and Engineering, or MATE, Regional Competition at Villanova University.
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  • Hack Gives Back

    Check out all that our students accomplished in the spring Hack Gives Back effort!
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  • Image: Iulia A. ‘23

    It's Arrow Season!

    The Middle School Arts and Literary Magazine submissions are in--take a look at some of the terrific 5th-8th grade works of art and creative writing posted so far on our blog.
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  • Introducing Hackley's Rwanda Partnership

    On April 25, the team of Hackley teachers who traveled to Rwanda as part of Hackley's longstanding partnership with two -- and now three -- schools there talked to Middle School students about their travels and the friends we have there.
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  • MS Debaters Compete at National Tournament

    On April 27 & 28, six Hackley 8th graders, Mason N., Amy K., Zara Y., Paul E., Bella W., and Arushi C., competed in two Public Debate Program Championship tournaments outside of Los Angeles.
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  • Riverpark Cleanup

    On Saturday morning, April 27th, over 30 Hackley community members, spanning across all three divisions, came together to help clean up the riverbanks down by the water at Pierson Park in Tarrytown.
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  • PSAs for Earth Day

    In honor of Earth Day, Lower School and Upper School students have created this terrific set of public service announcements to remind students –and adults -- in every division about the proper ways to recycle.
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  • Sharing Robot Wisdom

    On April 18, the MS Sumobot club invited the LS LEGO teams to visit.
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  • Summer Sports Camp at Hackley

    The week of July 22-25, Revolution Field Hockey, GameBreaker Boys & Girls Lacrosse, & Revolution Softball Camp will be held at the HACK.
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  • Experiencing Water Resource Accessibility

    During the week of April 15, students in 4th, 6th and 10th-12th grades had the opportunity to learn about water resource accessibility in an unusually powerful way and in conjunction with Earth Day.

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