A Day in the Life of a Hackley Boarder

We asked a few of our Hackley boarders to take snapshots throughout their day so we could offer a perspective into the life of a boarder.

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  • Some structured time during English class to work on our essays.


    Ari is a proud new Hackley ninth grader and boarder.
  • In Biology, I gave a presentation on climate change as my excited classmates participated.


    Senior Esther joined the Hackley community and Hackley Boarding in ninth grade.
  • Playing pick-up basketball during a free period.


    Sophomore Jimmy joined the Hackley community and Hackley Boarding in ninth grade.
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Upper School

Five-Day Boarding

The Hackley five-day boarding program, with about 30 residential students in grades nine through twelve, is a small community at the heart of the larger Hackley community.
Living on campus offers students the unique opportunity to develop independence under the supervision of our supportive boarding faculty, and to enjoy the camaraderie and academic support provided by Hackley’s extended residential community. Hackley boarders develop lasting friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds as they discover common interests and help each other mature as individuals.

A home away from home, Hackley’s five-day program assures that students sustain quality time and continuity with family and their home community through weekends at home, a benefit we believe is crucial to student development.

Hackley residential student life encourages students to develop independence. It helps them partake more fully in the extracurricular life of the school. Perhaps most significant, it challenges student residents to grow and thrive as productive, positive members of a special family within the Hackley community.

List of 3 news stories.

  • Boarding Communal Lounge

    The Boarding Space

    Every Sunday evening, when boarders return to campus, they walk through the “Enter Here to be and Find a Friend” door to make their way upstairs.
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  • Hilltop Halloween!

    Children of Hackley residential faculty trick-or-treated around campus to celebrate Halloween. (Read on...)
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  • Under the rafters! The 2016-17 Boarders.

    Our Home under the Rafters

    A Peek into Life on Hackley’s Boarding Corridor

    “HEY, CHICKADEES, LET’S GO HOME.” That's the phrase I call out every Monday night at roughly nine o’clock. I’ve just entered the Hackley library, where the “chickadees” — the Hackley boarders — have been studying. And where we are going — our home — is Hackley’s third floor.
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