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Global Education

Global Education Overview

The challenge to “learn from the varying backgrounds and perspectives in our community and the world” is at the heart of Hackley’s mission statement. Through our expansive Global Education initiatives, Hackley students learn to see themselves as global citizens through classroom projects, literary and cultural studies, travel, exchange and hosting opportunities, and more.

Round Square

In 2012, Hackley was invited to join Round Square, a consortium of over 150 independent schools around the world that share a commitment to discovering the world and making a difference. Through this membership, Hackley students and faculty are able to participate in a wide range of travel, exchange, and hosting opportunities. Read more about Hackley and Round Square.

Casten Trips
Created in 2000 through the generosity of a former Hackley family, Hackley’s Casten Trips support global education opportunities for Upper and Middle School students and faculty. Each year, small groups of students and faculty travel to destinations as diverse as Japan, Malawi, Peru, Denmark and Cuba, where they engage in cultural immersion, service, and other experiences as defined by each trip’s mission. In Denmark, for instance, students explored this nation’s transformative work in sustainability as well as its leadership in design, while students traveling to Cuba explored the texture of post-Soviet Cuba in the wake of the recent shift in US-Cuba policies. The program funding supports faculty participation and also provides grants that assure that students on financial aid can participate, consistent with Hackley’s commitment to inclusive community.

Language Immersion Trips
Students in our Upper School French, Chinese and Spanish programs have the opportunity to participate in language immersion trips, led by Hackley language faculty. Through these immersion opportunities, students strengthen their appreciation for the target language as well as their fluency in speaking, and in connecting and talking with native speakers in their home environment, and experiencing the way others live, they learn to see the world through different lenses. Recent language immersion trips traveled to Amboise, France; Shanghai and Xi’an, China; and from the Andes to the coast in Ecuador.
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