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  • Raleigh in his print shop holding his subway map submission.

    Raleigh D’Adamo ’49

    (Class Notes Summer 2015) In addition to being a Hackley alum and Hackley parent, Raleigh D’Adamo ’49 is one of the hilltop’s more fascinating and noteworthy figures. From his knowledge of Swahili to his lasting imprint on the New York City Subway system to his printing press class at Yale University, and the frequent Hackley at Yale dinners he hosts, Raleigh is truly one of a kind.
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  • Enter here to be and find a friend.

    Hackley Introduces the Lower School Mural

    This spring, Lower School students embarked on a school-wide art project creating an outdoor 50ft-wide mural.
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  • Thomas Chin

    Hilltop Updates

    Faculty updates from the Hackley Review Summer 2021.
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  • Allison and Marya during their Hackley days.

    Friends Beyond the Hilltop

    By Marya Meyers '03 and Allison Pataki '03 

    Nelly Takes New York and Poppy Takes Paris have been a wonderful adventure for us! It has been a joy for us as long-time friends to be able to fuse our career paths and collaborate on this creative endeavor together.
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  • Clark Oval was once home to Hackley’s ice skating rink during the 20s, 30s, and early 40s, and the hockey  team would hold their practices there.

    Did You Know?

    By Margie McNaughton Ford '85

    The Hackley archives is a treasure trove of interesting and fun facts about Hackley’s rich history. The archives is housed in the Hackley Alumni Association Room in Goodhue Memorial Hall and holds photographs, film, recordings, publications, yearbooks, trophies, documents, and memorabilia from 1899 - 2021.
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  • 1985 graduating class vs graduates from 2017. The  girls seem right at home on the Hilltop

    50 Years of Co-education on the Hilltop

    By Katy Ritz

    Looking around the Hilltop, it is hard to believe that Hackley started as an all-boys seven-day boarding school. Today, Varsity Girls Softball is playing on the Field next to the Varsity Boys Baseball team; the Upper School Spring musical, Into the Woods, has both male and female leads; and lunch on Akin Common includes male and female students playing frisbee together. The classrooms consist of an equal number of boys and girls participating in science, math, english, debate, visual arts, drama, athletics, and so much more. Hackley has seen many changes over the 122-year history of the School, and co-educational is one of its most transformative. This year marks the 50-year anniversary of co-educational on the Hilltop, and Hackley girls past and present have certainly carved out a space for themselves as they continue to pave a path for future Hackley girls.
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  • Peter’s Hackley  yearbook senior portrait.

    From Hackley to Hollywood to Horticulture: Peter Strauss ’65 Reflects on His Life and Legacy

    By Alexi Sandhu '18
    Written by Alexi Sandhu '18 

    In a career that’s spanned more than half a century of work in television, film, and theater, including an Emmy and 5 Golden Globe nominations, Peter Strauss ’65 has literally done it all and then some. During a series of in depth Zoom conversations, Alexi Sandhu ’18 spoke with Peter about his time on the Hilltop, what he’s done since graduating, and the ways in which he continues to reinvent himself and pursue his personal passions. Peter is living proof that you’re never too old to become who you might have been.
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  • Oren Tirschwell ’20

    An Unexpected Gap Year

    By Oren Tirschwell ’20, from Hackley Class Notes 2021

    I never wanted to take a gap year.
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  • Marc Rod, class of ’16, visited the Dial class via Zoom on Friday, May 7.

    Capitol Hill Journalist Marc Rod ’16 visits Hackley Dial students

    (By Dial Editor Kami Lim '22) -- Marc Rod, class of ’16, visited the Dial class via Zoom on Friday, May 7 to speak to students about his experiences as a current journalist and former co-editor in chief of the Dial. His talk was part of a celebration to honor the outgoing senior class (class of ’21) and to thank them for their work on the publication.
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  • Doug Clark in 2020.

    Doug Clark Tribute

    Doug Clark has been a part of Hackley for just over four decades. He met his wife Carrie when she joined the faculty as a new French teacher. They were married in King Chapel, and they lived on campus for four years in Doug’s apartment that is now part of Girls’ Boarding. Doug and Carrie raised two sons: Josh, class of ’15, and Jack, class of ’17. Hackley has been part of Doug’s life just as he has been a part of Hackley.
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  • Phil Variano’s 2020 yearbook photo.

    Phil Variano Tribute


    A truly fitting tribute to Phil Variano would be titled “balance” — and not just because of his surprising physical flexibility (he’ll happily oblige impromptu requests to assume the crow yoga pose). His students, players, and colleagues extol his ability to blend humor and heart. “He made it fun but also pushed you to compete,” recalls one of his squash players. “More than just funny, though,” explains one of his peers, “I think about his fundamental decency, his resolve, and his humanity.”
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  • Screen Capture of the Zoom call with Mr. Loehr '85

    Hackley Alumnus Peter Loehr ’85 Visits the Virtual Hilltop

    (By Lily Napach ’21) -- On Thursday, April 8th, the Hackley Chinese language community welcomed Hackley alumnus, Mr. Peter Loehr ’85, to speak about his experience in China’s film industry.
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