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  • Advanced Topics in Economics students with Mr. Sykes (far left) and Hackley Trustee Dawn Fitzpatrick P ’22, ’24, ’28, CEO and CIO at Soros (far right)

    Advanced Topics in Economics Students Learn from Hackley Parent, Alumni on NYC Trip

    On Wednesday, April 24, Mr. Sykes’s Independent Study class, “Advanced Topics in Economics,” embarked on a field trip to New York City. Throughout the year, this class has learned about finance and the world of Wall Street, exploring such topics as the time value of money; discounted cash flows; investing basics; and the distinctions between hedge funds, investment banks and other fields within finance. Last week’s trip served as a culmination of their studies, providing the students with firsthand insight into the workings of our financial system.
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  • Class Day Run 2024

    This year, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Class Day Run, a tradition started in 2009, it was the brainchild of alumni Toby Zitsman ‘09. The run is an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, alumni, and parents to run together to campus the morning of Class Day. Since 2009, the 12-mile run has evolved from having two participants to over ninety running side by side. Pictured here are the 2024 Class Day runners.
  • College-age speak alumni return to give advice to juniors

    In early June, Hackley welcomed college-age alumni back to campus to speak to the junior class about the college process and their experience attending college and taking gaps year. They provided invaluable insights and advice and it was fun to see them on the Hilltop, again. 
  • Dr. David Berry ’96 with Dr. Andrew Ying and Hackley ISRP students.

    Dr. David Berry ’96 Visits Hackley’s ISRP Students

    On Friday, April 24 Hackley’s Independent Science Research Program had the honor of hosting Dr. David Berry ’96. Students were inspired by Dr. Berry’s many lessons from his time starting a business while completing his M.D./Ph.D., to finding a reproduceable method to create successful companies.
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  • Guest lecturer: Christina Gall '08

    Hackley alum Christine Gall ’08, manager of the Farm and Food Program at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, Zoomed with the Food and Power class to share her journey from Hackley to her current job.
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  • Guest lecturer: Ian Rapoport '98

    Hackley alum Ian Rapoport ’98 stopped by the Hilltop this week to meet with Dial staff for the annual “Senior Sendoff.”
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  • Hudson Scholars Inaugural Cohort Fetes High School Graduation

    Hudson Scholars celebrated a monumental achievement in June: the high school graduation of the program's inaugural cohort!
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  • Philip Johnson ’23's Iconic Buildings

    Philip Johnson ’23 was an American architect who designed modern and postmodern architecture. The New York Times described his designs as being "widely considered among the architectural masterpieces of the 20th century".  Click here to read Parametric Architecture's recent article titled "Architectural Approach and 6 Iconic Works of Philip Johnson". 
  • Celebrating Bill McNaugton '79 and Mike Mike Quinones

    On June 6, Hackley celebrated the retirements of Bill McNaugton '79 and Mike Quinones. Bill is retiring after 34 years as the technical director in the Bridges and Zetkov Theaters and Mike has been at Hackley for 26 years as part of the Building & Grounds crew. 
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  • Doug Lasdon '73's latest podcast

    Doug Lasdon ’73, founder and executive director of the Urban Justice Center, a non-profit legal services and advocacy organization, hosts the podcast “Beyond the Box”. Doug’s latest episode, titled “What Does It Mean to be a Hero,” features him in conversation with United States Senator Cory Booker.” Click here to listen.
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  • Guest lecturer: Avery Trufelman '09

    Avery Trufelman ’09 Zoomed with Mr. Loomis’ History of Media and Culture class this week to speak with the students about her podcast, “Articles of Interest,” and to answer their questions about podcasting in general.
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  • Dr. Trish Raciti DeCenzo ’02 Zooms with ISRP students.

    Dr. Trish Raciti DeCenzo ’02 Shares Research in Machine Learning in Computer Vision with ISRP Students

    On May 3, the Independent Science Research Program had the honor of hosting Dr. Trish Raciti DeCenzo ’02, who spoke with students via Zoom about one of her research projects that is utilizing Machine Learning in Computer Vision to identify cancerous cells quickly and accurately to aid a pathologist.
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  • Legendary faculty member Kathy Szabo and Margie McNaughton Ford ’85.

    Growing up on the Hilltop

    Hackley Review Winter 2017-18: By Margie McNaughton Ford ’85: Hackley has been my home since I was an infant. I took my first steps in the Grille Room, rode my tricycle on the quad, had my first my kiss on Clark Oval, learned to drive a stick shift on the Hackley hills, was married in King Chapel, and it was there we joined Hackley friends in saying farewell to my dad this past June. Hackley and I have an intimate history.
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