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  • Michael C. Wirtz, Parent '29 and '31

    About Michael C. Wirtz

    Michael C. Wirtz became Hackley School’s 12th Head of School, effective July 1, 2016.

    Mr. Wirtz came to Hackley from St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA where he served as Assistant Head of School/Dean of Faculty for 6 years. In this role, he provided strategic advice to the Head of School, and served as Acting Head for the first half of the 2013-14 academic year. Mr. Wirtz also led St. Mark’s STEM education initiative, resulting in the creation of programs, curricula, and the design of a new facility. Prior to St. Mark's, Mr. Wirtz taught at Concord Academy in Concord, MA for 9 years. During this tenure, he served as a chemistry teacher, Science Department Chair, house parent, advisor, and coach. Mr. Wirtz began his teaching career at The Montgomery Academy in Montgomery, AL after transitioning to education from a research position at Pfizer, Inc.
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About Us

Head of School's Message

Enter Here to Be and Find a Friend. Carved over the school’s entrance, these words welcome and remind us of our commitment to one another. As one of Hackley’s core values, they shape the experience of both students and adults on the Hilltop.
Friendship, as with learning, requires an “all in” approach, words often used to describe a Hackley education. From exploring the breadth of offerings and experiences to building relationships that will last a lifetime, Hackley students are committed to getting the most out of their time on the Hilltop. They do so not to win a prize or to get to the next step. Instead, our culture emphasizes that the development of deep connections in learning are essential to living a meaningful life, transcending individual achievement.

Hackley’s aspirational Portrait of a Graduate guides our K-12 program, which not only develops a student’s intellect, it shapes their character. Emphasizing the importance of creating and cultivating an inclusive community where every member authentically feels they belong, Hackley has committed time and resources to our diversity, equity, and inclusion plan. Never self-satisfied, Hackley continues strengthening all aspects of the school through implementing our strategic plan, Redefining Excellence: Learning Beyond Boundaries. From promoting civil discourse to expanding service-learning to highlighting the creative process, this plan articulates a dynamic vision for a redefined, broad-based liberal arts education that will serve students well for any future. 

Schools are more than their offerings and facilities, they are human institutions united in service of a noble mission. At Hackley, the school is characterized by warmth and energy, an environment where lasting relationships are easily formed. Faculty live on and near campus, raising families and participating in the life of the school. They provide extra help, coach athletic teams, run clubs and extracurricular activities, serve on the boarding corridor, and mentor and advise students. Our unique 5-day boarding program allows Upper School students the chance to experience the best of both a boarding and a day school: living at school during the week and returning home on the weekend. Day and boarding students easily build friendships and benefit from the presence of Hackley faculty well after the last class ends. Parents contribute to and benefit from the community, joining the Hackley Parents’ Association and developing their own lasting relationships. All these factors contribute to the rich fabric of Hackley: an all-in community that fosters deep connections, rooted in a sense of inclusion and belonging.

With all best wishes,

Michael C. Wirtz
Head of School, Parent, Class of 2029 and 2031

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  • Charles Franklin, Hackley's 13th Head of School

    Hackley Announces 13th Head of School

    Charles Franklin has been named Hackley's new Head of School, beginning July 1. The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the appointment of Mr. Franklin based on the recommendation of the search committee and the hundreds of survey responses and feedback received from members of the Hackley community, including faculty, staff, families, students, and alumni.
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  • Michael C. Wirtz, Hackley's 12th Head of School 2016-2023

    Michael Wirtz Becomes St. George's 13th Head of School

    On July 1, 2023, Hackley's current Head of School, Michael C. Wirtz, will officially step into his new role as the 13th Head of School at St. George's School in Rhode Island.

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  • Michael Wirtz welcomes K-12 students to the 2022 Convocation held Sep. 8 on Akin Common.

    New on Hackley Perspectives: How Do I Do That?

    In the first Hackley Perspectives post of the 2022-2023 school year, Michael C. Wirtz, Head of School, shares his remarks from the September 8, 2022 Convocation address to K-12 students and invites us to answer the question "How do I do that?"

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  • Hackley Review Summer 2021

    From the Head of School

    (Hackley Review Summer 2021) Traditional notions of “creativity” conjure images of art and artists. Movement, music, theater, film, and fine art stand out as examples of creativity, with artists—those responsible for creating these works—pushing through boundaries, developing new styles, and doing what has never been done before.
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  • Michael C. Wirtz, Head of School

    New on Hackley Perspectives: Life is a Journey, Pack Wisely!

    Head of School Michael Wirtz’s remarks from the May 5, 2021 Chapel Talk to the Class of 2021 are now available on Hackley Perspectives. “This summer, my wife and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary.  Over those nearly 17 years, Hilary and I have been fortunate to take some memorable trips and vacations.  But it is hard to imagine two people who approach traveling so differently.”
  • Hackley Review Winter 2020-21

    From the Head of School

    (Hackley Review Winter 2020-21) Forward together. At some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, I began to close my messages to the Hackley community with this salutation.

    These words serve as a reminder of the strength, support, and inspiration each of us can draw from the larger Hackley community. We will get through this together by sticking together.
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  • Response to Events in Washington, DC – 1/6/21

    “Today's events in Washington are deeply unsettling and stand in stark contrast to the democratic ideals of our country and the values of the Hackley community.” Read the letter to the Hackley Community from Head of School Michael Wirtz and Division Directors Lisa Oberstein, Cyndy Jean, and Andy King.
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  • Michael C. Wirtz, Head of School

    Forward Together! New on Hackley Perspectives 

    Head of School Michael Wirtz’s remarks from Convocation 2020 are now available on Hackley Perspectives. “From social distancing to masks to drooling into a vial each week — and then bringing it to school! — it is clear that 2020–2021 will be a school year unlike any other.”
  • Michael C. Wirtz P ’29, P ’31

    From the Head of School

    (Hackley Review Summer 2020) Several months ago, we chose to focus on character in this issue of Hackley Review. In light of the current global state and the new reality we are all facing, that decision seems almost prescient. We are living through what we can only hope is a once in a lifetime moment, one that requires resolve, integrity, cooperation, ingenuity, and the need to act in the collective best interest. Simply put, it requires character.
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  • Hackley 2020 Spring K-12 Convocation

    At our concluding K-12 Convocation, Mr. Wirtz reflected on the potential of a story that doesn't go as planned -- much like the 2019-20 school year! Watch the video here.
  • Convocation 2020

    Lessons from “A Perfectly Messed Up Story”

    These remarks are adapted from the June 4, 2020, K-12 Convocation at Hackley School.
    Since arriving at Hackley four years ago, I have given one K-12 convocation talk each year, always in the fall. Each of my talks was centered around a children’s book and I’ve done the same thing for this, our first K-12 spring convocation. (Read the article on Hackley Perspectives. Watch the video.)
  • A Better New Normal

    As we approach the end of the 2019-2020 school year, we recognize the unrest happening around the country beyond the challenges of COVID-19. Inspired by Community Council President Taylor Robin, Head of School Michael Wirtz reflects on the current climate and his hopes for a better "new normal" in this Hackley Perspectives piece.
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  • Chapel Talk: Head of School Michael Wirtz

    For the last faculty Chapel Talk of the 2019-20 academic year, Head of School Michael Wirtz addressed the Class of 2020. He spoke about looking through the windows of time and making connections with the past and future. Watch the Chapel Talk video.
  • A Message from Hackley's Head of School

    On April 18 2020, Hackley's Board of Trustees met virtually for the first time in the school's history.  Much of the agenda focused on the school's response to COVID-19.

    Even as the Board reflected on the present and helped school leadership anticipate future needs, trustees expressed their profound appreciation for the Hackley community's response to this situation, and recorded this video.
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  • Mrs. Hackley returning to campus with student assistance.

    Stewarding Our Mission

    What does it mean to be a Hackley trustee?  Head of School Michael Wirtz, in partnership with Board President John Canoni '86, offer this thoughtful reflection on the meaning of Trustee service at Hackley – a timely message as we approach Founder’s Day, when we honor Mrs. Hackley and her many accomplishments, including the creation of Hackley School.
  • Find Your Path by Drawing It

    Head of School Michael Wirtz opened the 2019-20 Hackley School year challenging students to face the "blank page" of the year ahead as a chance to create their own paths forward.
  • Habits of Accomplishment

    New on Hackley Perspectives, Head of School Michael Wirtz reflects on the values represented by a Hackley diploma.
  • Creating Inclusive Community

    "Diversity at Hackley encompasses more than identity (“backgrounds”) and it requires that we embrace the value that arises in a diverse community: differences in experiences, opinions, and thought (“perspectives”) that enrich the learning environment for everyone." Michael Wirtz shared this essay in our blog, Hackley Perspectives.
  • At Convocation, Community Council President Zaya Gooding challenged the K-12 student body to make the most of the opportunities offered by Hackley.

    Embracing Courage: New on Hackley Perspectives

    Michael Wirtz helps us kick off the new year in Hackley's blog, Hackley Perspectives, with these thoughts on embracing courage in many forms.
  • "And the Award Goes to..."

    Michael Wirtz offers these thoughts in Hackley Perspectives as he reflects on our year end celebrations and the meaning of the awards Hackley bestows.
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