Middle School
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Health Education

The Health Education curriculum in the Middle School is a compilation of the issues that affect the lives of today’s adolescents. Integral to the curriculum is the development of communication skills, decision making and critical thinking with respect to knowledge, attitudes and behavior.
The topics to be covered include: Creating and balancing a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, mental/emotional health, communication and healthy relationships, inclusivity and belonging, sexual health, substance abuse prevention and stress management. There are selections from various textbooks, articles and other sources compiled as reference material in addition to guest speakers and videos.

Health Education Courses

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  • Health 5 & Health 6

    Fifth/sixth grade health is an introduction to the Middle School program and is integrated into physical education classes. Communication and decision-making skills are emphasized and practiced throughout the curriculum. The topic areas include nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, smoking prevention, stress management and puberty education. Fifth/sixth grade health also includes a unit on bullying.
  • Health 7

    In seventh grade health, students learn to recognize that their physical health, mental/emotional health and social health are all interrelated. We take a close look at the influence of the media on body image and how it impacts the behavior and self-esteem of adolescents. Some of the topics introduced include nutrition, peer-pressure, substance abuse and disease prevention. Responsibility and decision-making skills are reinforced throughout the course.
  • Health 8

    In eighth grade health, the skills of conflict resolution, decision-making and stress management are reinforced. Students learn to recognize risk factors within the context of substance use and sexually transmitted diseases. Emphasis is placed on an individual’s increasing responsibility to weigh the consequences of decision-making throughout their lifetime.