Upper School
US Curriculum

US Curriculum Overview

The Upper School curriculum offers both clear structure and considerable flexibility, with increasing variety available to students as they progress.
Our academic programs are designed to support growth in skills and intellectual maturity to prepare students well for college and beyond. In addition to the knowledge gained in a wide array of fields, including numerous AP courses, Hackley students learn to write analytically and persuasively, conduct careful and responsible research, participate actively and constructively in discussions and debates, solve problems, work collaboratively, and more.

Consistent with our mission statement, we encourage unreserved effort, and expect students to model the ideals of respectful community, academic and personal integrity, and eagerness to learn from varying backgrounds and perspectives, and there’s no room in our culture for apathy and anti-intellectualism. As one of our recent graduates remarked, “It’s cool to care at Hackley."

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  • The Requirements for Graduation

    Because of the flexibility of the curriculum, it is important to choose a program that reflects not only immediate interests but also long term goals. We hope students will take full advantage of the counseling available from advisors, teachers, college counselors and the Upper School Director and Assistant Director.
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