Lower School
LS Curriculum

Physical Education

The Lower School physical education program has been created to develop the competency and knowledge of movement by challenging students to use their abilities in a variety of learning activities. By the end of fourth grade, students will be ready to transition to middle school individual and team sports that emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork as well as healthy relationships with lifelong fitness.
Physical education teachers aim to accomplish these goals through student engagement in activities that focus on gross motor skills, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, and aerobic fitness. These activities also encourage the development of leadership, cooperation, and other transferable skills crucial to healthy relationships in their communities. As well, the Lower School physical education program introduces concepts related to lifelong fitness with an emphasis on consistency and perseverance. 

At Hackley, we are fortunate to have a number of well-equipped locations including multiple gymnasiums and indoor spaces, outdoor fields, playgrounds, and an indoor pool where student learning takes place.