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Hackley’s interscholastic athletics program, a component of the health and physical education curriculum, is an integral part of the school’s mission that “challenges students to grow in character, scholarship and accomplishment, to offer unreserved effort, and to learn from the varying perspectives and backgrounds in our community and the world."
Hackley believes athletics participation helps develop character, encouraging student-athletes to embrace challenge, overcome adversity and think creatively. Our athletes strive to achieve excellence and to compete with enthusiasm, modesty and respect, win or lose, demonstrating the high levels of commitment, perseverance, sportsmanship and leadership consistent with Hackley’s motto, “United, we help one another.”
The Hackley Athletics program seeks to:
• Provide a range of opportunities for students to compete in the sport and level of their choice.
• Help our student-athletes reach their team and individual athletic goals.
• Encourage levels of excellence from our athletic teams comparable to our expectations in the classroom.
• Instill appreciation of commitment to team, school and fitness.
• Teach rules, skills, self-discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, respect and commitment to shared goals.
• Support positive self-image and confidence gained through athletic participation
• Facilitate development of young, well-rounded citizens who embrace the core values and mission of Hackley.
• Enhance the spirit of the school and the broader community.
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