High School Years

During the high school years, Hudson Scholars will continue to offer support to the Scholars in a variety of ways.

Summer Support

We will work with each Scholar to help them find and apply to meaningful and engaging opportunities during their summers. Whether a local academic program, a residential program, volunteer work or a job, our team wants to match each Scholar with something they are passionate about and excited to do during their summers.

Becoming a Hudson Scholars Mentor
After four years in our middle school summer program, Scholars who have completed 10th grade are invited to come back and serve as mentors to our younger Scholars. Bringing our older Scholars back to campus to be the same leaders and role models that they looked up to just a few years earlier is an incredibly exciting and impactful experience for all.

College Support
Hudson Scholars will work with the Scholars and their families in a variety of ways through the college application process. Some examples of the support that may be provided:
  • college information sessions
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • essay writing support
  • general college counseling