The Requirements for Graduation

Because of the flexibility of the curriculum, it is important to choose a program that reflects not only immediate interests but also long term goals. We hope students will take full advantage of the counseling available from advisors, teachers, college counselors and the Upper School Director and Assistant Director.
  • English 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • Mathematics through Algebra II and Trigonometry
  • Spanish, French, Chinese or Latin through Level III
  • Three-year required history sequence 1 : History 9, U.S. to 1900, 20 th Century World
  • One year of laboratory science and two additional Upper School 3-credit science courses. Biology or Cellular Biology is also required. All ninth-graders take Physics, and tenth-graders take Chemistry or Accelerated Chemistry.
  • One year of performing or visual arts. (Does not include art history, dramatic literature, public speaking, creative writing, music theory or music history/appreciation courses.)
  • Students not meeting a minimum standard of competency in writing in English and history may be asked or required to enroll in a writing workshop or to participate in some other program to support their writing.
In addition:
  • All ninth-graders will be enrolled in Peer Advisory.
  • All sophomores will be enrolled in Health. (This is also a New York State graduation requirement.)
  • All juniors will be enrolled in Introduction to College.
The typical (and minimum) course load consists of five major (3-credit) courses; seniors may select four major (3-credit) courses and two minor (2-credit) courses. Students desiring exceptions to these rules may petition the Academic Committee. Each season all students must enroll in physical education or play on a junior varsity or varsity team.