Jean Nadell, Interim Director of College Counseling

Jean Nadell received her undergraduate degree from a flagship public university in the Midwest where she majored in Marketing and Management in the University’s School of Business.
Upon graduation, Jean moved to Milwaukee, WI for a year of training and then on to Minneapolis, MN to manage children’s and women’s clothing (and even sporting goods for one year!) in a major department store. After four years in MN, she was transferred to Chicago to work in the buying office for women’s clothing. Three years later, she again transferred to New York where she worked on the manufacturing side of the clothing business until her first son was born.
Jean stayed home with her two sons until they reached school age and then began extensive volunteer work at their schools, one of which was Hackley. When an opening in Hackley’s College Counseling office presented itself in 2001, she jumped at the chance to be a permanent part of the school she loves so much.
Starting as the office assistant, Jean took two years of counseling courses at Fordham University and was also extensively mentored by then Co-Directors of College Counseling Peter Latson and Julie Lillis. Within five years, she had counselees of her own and has loved every minute of working with students as they grow and learn about themselves through the college process.
In 2020, Jean left Hackley to travel more with her husband and to work part-time as an Independent Counselor. Because Covid surprised her (as it did all of us!) and put the brakes on travel for more than a year, her independent counseling became a full-time occupation. Jean is delighted to be back at Hackley as Interim Director for a year while Hackley conducts a search for a new permanent Director of College Counseling.