Rebecca Hall, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling

Rebecca Hall received her undergraduate degree from a medium-sized research university in the southeast, where she majored in marketing and management.

After several years working in that field, she found her passion for education at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, CA, where she was Assistant Director of Admissions and then Director of Student Activities. After five years of working closely with students and immersing herself in the independent school community, Rebecca was determined to further her education, and received her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from a highly selective university in Manhattan. She was able to apply directly what she learned in the classroom to her role as Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Columbia University.

After eight years at Columbia and learning a ton about highly selective admissions, she realized she missed the close interaction with students that she had at Buckley, and made the switch to “the other side of the desk” when she arrived at Hackley in the fall of 2015. She loves being a part of Hackley’s tight-knit community, and her favorite part of the college counseling process is recommending colleges that may be great fits for a student that perhaps that student has not heard of or considered previously. Rebecca is a member of Hackley’s faculty singing group “The Hackley Hoos,” and lives on campus with her husband, their daughter who is in 4th grade at Hackley, and their kindergarten-aged son.