How Scientist Mentors Can Be a Part of the ISRP

The students in ISRP could use your help! We are always looking for scientists and engineers (grad students, masters, post-docs, and PhDs) who are actively involved in research to mentor our students.

Info for Mentors

The Independent Science Research Program at Hackley provides students with a passion for science the opportunity to participate in authentic scientific research in a genuine setting. Students accepted in the program will spend each summer after sophomore and junior years working closely with research scientists to conduct self-designed experiments, either in academic, medical or industrial labs. The program culminates with the students submitting their experimental results to regional, national and/or international science and engineering fairs.

Students accepted into the program are rigorous, curious and highly independent in their pursuit of completing scientific research. They are eager to dedicate 8 or more weeks of their summer in the pursuit of completing authentic and novel experiments. In preparation, students work on foundational work during the school year by completing thorough literature reviews and practice presenting those works to an audience.

Mentors are required to be actively involved in scientific research, such as research scientists, post-docs, or graduate students. The role of the mentor will vary from project to project. Ideally, the mentor would be able to

1. Provide a safe working environment for the student.
2. Suggest literature to prepare students with the necessary background to design and conduct an experiment.
3. Provide laboratory facilities and proper training (if applicable).
4. Provide guidance in analyzing results.

We understand that the mentor’s time is valuable, and they may not be always available or able to provide all of the above. We are still grateful for any time the mentor can contribute to working with the student. Even the occasional conversation with the student offering some advice would be tremendously helpful.

In the end, the goal of the Independent Research Program at Hackley is to provide an authentic scientific research experience for our highly motivated and curious students. We hope that the experience for both the mentor and student will be mutually rewarding.

For more information, please contact Dr. Andrew Ying (