Faculty Housing: The Vision for More Homes

Hackley Review Winter 2017-18: The Greenberg family deeply appreciates the dynamic that shapes our Hilltop community, noting that “We all recognize that the strength of any school is its faculty. Faculty housing can be a deciding factor in attracting and keeping the finest teachers.”

In the spring of 2017, the Greenbergs decided to pledge $3 million to launch Hackley’s effort to continue its plan to expand faculty housing beyond the current four-unit building with the construction of an additional eight-unit building that will be home to even more Hackley families. The fundraising is off to a strong start for this project, though there is still work to be done.

Campus housing creates more than just a place for people to live, they observe. “Not only does it help teacher pay go further, campus housing is convenient and offers access to terrific facilities. Having our teachers on campus also facilitates greater interaction with their students -- our children. It is with enthusiasm that we support additional faculty housing at Hackley.”