AD 2017: The “Art King Fan Club” +1

For seven years now, Upper School Biology teacher Tessa Johnson has led nature hikes on Alumni Day, and every year, a core group of her attendees call themselves the “Art King Fan Club”-- alumni and faculty who raved about the teachings of retired science teacher Art King.

She reports ”I would hear the joy in their voices as they recalled their time spent in the woods over 40 years ago. It is amazing how much they remembered of what he taught and to hear what an impact he had on their lives.” Ms. Johnson not only shares Mr. King’s passion for Hackley’s woods, but uses the indices he created to support her own classwork. This year, however, Ms. Johnson was thrilled to meet the legend himself. She says, “I can now count myself as a member of the Art King Fan Club. He is truly an exceptional teacher and his passion for the woods exudes from every pore. I loved some of the fun facts he gave me and hearing stories about Hackley. It was fascinating to hear how some things have changed but the heart and soul of Hackley has stayed constant.”