Dr. Friedrich Boettner (P ’18 & ‘19) visits IRP

Dr. Boettner (P ’18 & ’19) visited Hackley’s Independent Research students on Thursday, May 10. Read on.
The students were fascinated by Dr. Boettner’s clinical research on measuring angles of hip replacement cups using X-rays, and the elegant solution that he developed. Furthermore, our students were extremely grateful and motivated by the lessons and general career advice that Dr. Boettner gave.

Dr. Boettner is a specialist in joint-preserving arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive total joint replacements of the knee and hip.

Hackley’s IRP would like to invite any alumni and/or parent who has scientific research background to come and talk with our students. The students love hearing about your stories while you were doing research, and how it led you to whatever field you are in now. Interested alumni/parents should feel free to contact Andrew Ying.