From The Archives: The Class of 1968

We’ve quickly jumped into the start of the school year. Convocation, school bells ringing, students in classes and playing outside on Akin Common. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. It just feels like fall.

This time of year always feels a little different in the Archives. While I stay present when walking through the hallways, my mind is focusing on the past. Alumni Day is almost here and I’ve immersed myself in the class of 1968, who will be celebrating their 50th reunion on Saturday, October 13th. This is always a great opportunity for me to learn about a specific class. What were the big events? What was life like on the hilltop 50 years ago?

The dress code was revised, enrollment was the highest it had been up until that time, and it continued to grow for the following five years. The school was planning for the move to co-education in the years ahead starting with building a coed lower school. Students were becoming more vocal, wanting to be more involved with the school’s policies. Outside of Hackley, times were changing - the nation was at war in Vietnam, and Woodstock was just a year away. “These were the years of hippies and yippies and alternative lifestyles” - Walter Schneller, Where The Seasons Tell Their Story.

This Alumni Day archives exhibit will be one for the record. Music will be playing from the 1968 Glee Club and Octet. Photographs from various clubs and athletic teams will be on display. The Dial will be available for your reading pleasure. I’m also taking the opportunity to have some mystery photographs on display with the hope that the alumni community can help me identify people, places, things and dates for my unmarked materials.

Get your TBT’s ready. It’s going to be a good one. See you on the Hilltop on 10/13!