MS Team with Impressive Season Openers

On Saturday, November 3rd, 27 MS students debated at two separate locations in Manhattan. 
5 teams competed at the NY Debate League Empire event held at the Speyer Legacy school and 5 teams represented Hackley at the British International School in the Big Apple Division. Hackley achieved a first at these two events – Hackley teams not only won both tournaments with perfect 5-0 records, but a Hackley debater secured the coveted “golden gavel” at each event as well. Amy K., Mason N., and Zara Y. won the Empire tournament (with Amy winning the gavel) and Sam S., Spencer O., and James G. winning the Big Apple event (James won the gavel at that tournament).

Overall, all Hackley teams continued to do extraordinarily well, allowing Hackley to win or second in both the school (most number of debate victories) and tournament awards (highest percentage of debate victories). In addition to the two Hackley teams that won the event, brand new 6th grade debaters Vivek M., Angela C., Elizabeth D. debated alongside experienced 7th and 8th graders such as Paul E., Aiden M., Aniketh A., Arushi C., Tommy T., Robbie G., Jad B., James P., Harper K., Jake C., and Charlotte F. Also competing in their first tournaments were 8th graders Zara H., Akshi K., and Ella R. Bella W. joins us again this season after taking a year off! It was a great way to start the season!