From the Archives: Item of the Month

December’s Item of the Month is a scrapbook from 1910 which belonged to Hackley student Maurice Wolf (1910).

The album is in poor condition with a bit of red rot (deterioration of vegetable-tanned leather that turns into a red powder) but the materials inside are beautiful. The book starts out with signature pages including faculty and fellow students’ names, address, date and my favorite “Happy Thoughts” column. Who else but Mrs. Hackley is featured on the first page. Her happy thought? “All’s well that ends well”.

Maurice seemed to save everything from his days at Hackley. From photographs, programs, dance cards - including the senior dance on June 13th, 1910 to envelopes, letters and ticket stubs. A piece like this will stay in tact, as trying to remove the material will only harm it.

A piece like this illustrates life on the hilltop through a student's eyes better than anything else. Feel free to make an appointment with our archivist Liesel Vink to see this beautiful part of our collection! Lots of interesting scrapbooks in the archive!