US Debate Update

In the last month, the US Public Forum team has attended three competitions debating whether the United States should implement price controls on pharmaceutical drugs.
The first competition was in Chicago, IL, where seniors Philip Bonanno, Max Mallett, and Tucker Wilke, along with juniors Alex Evangelidis, Max Rosenblum, Neil Singh, Jared Tilliss, and Madeline Zuckerman, all gave strong performances against some of the top teams in the nation.

The team next travelled to Princeton, NJ, where seniors Philip Bonanno and Tucker Wilke advanced to the quarterfinal round and senior Max Mallett and junior Alex Evangelidis achieved an impressive 6-1 preliminary record and advanced to triple octafinals!

The following weekend, the Public Forum team took 16 students to Ridge, NJ. In the novice division, freshman Zach Yusaf earned the first place speaker award and, with sophomore Alex Goldman, advanced to the octafinal round. Sophomores Arav Misra and Ishaan Ratliff earned second place overall! Also in novice, freshmen Sydney DeFilippo, Michael Lee, and Sid Shah, as well as sophomore Zach Couzens, gave strong performances! In the varsity division, seniors Tucker Wilke and Philip Bonanno earned first and second place speaker awards, respectively, and advanced to the quarterfinal round! Also in varsity, sophomores Ben Aybar and Ben Kirsch, juniors Alex Evangelidis, Max Rosenblum, and Madeline Zuckerman, and senior Max Mallett all came close to advancing to elimination rounds and ended with great performances.

All in all, it was an exciting, successful, and enjoyable month for the US Public Forum team!