Hackley Fencing

Congratulations to the Hackley Fencing Program for their outstanding performances this past weekend. Thirteen of our fencers medaled on Saturday with three individual champions. Congratulations to the coaches and fencers on a fantastic day.
Boys Epee
1 Joshua Zhang 12th grade
2 James DiStefano 11th grade
3 Henry Beyrich 9th grade

Girls Epee
1 Zaya Gooding 12th grade
7 Paola Garcia 11th grade (1st year starting)

Girls Foil
7 Anna Sellon 12th grade

Boys Foil
2 Max Bryant 10th grade
6 Maxwell Lee 9th grade
7 Max Calman 9th grade

Girls Saber
5 Julia M. 8th grade

Boys Saber
1 Nicky Wind (1st year Fencing) 9th grade
2 Anthony Johnson ( 1st year Fencing) 12 grade
5 Raghav Chopra 12 grade