LS Lego Tournament

On the first weekend of February, two teams represented Hackley Lower School at a First Lego League Junior Tournament, with the theme "Mission Moon."
The students began researching the moon in September and over the past five months, designed and built Lego model moon bases. They considered challenges such as getting oxygen, water, food, and shelter, as well as means for communication and transportation, and protection from the sun’s radiation. The teams used Lego WeDo 2.0 to program robotic moon rovers that moved about their bases without traveling outside of the area allowed for their models. At the Expo, the students presented their research findings and designs, demonstrated their models, and answered questions from a panel of judges. They spoke of overcoming design challenges and working with their teammates to solve problems and improve their designs. They spoke knowledgeably and confidently and were acknowledged by the judges for their poise and preparation. Congratulations to the Hackley Hackers and the Hackley Rockets!