Hudson Scholars at (STEM) Work!

On Saturday, January 12th, 30 Upper School mentors, under the leadership of computer science teachers Melissa Tranchida and Jed Dioguardi, worked with 25 Hudson Scholars in what was a fun day of engaging STEM/tech activities
The morning began with the Scholars rotating through three different activities. The first, making BristleBots, introduced the Scholars to the basics of robotics and engineering. They continued exposure to engineering (and architecture) with the next activity, which was creating designs with a 3Doodler. The final station in the morning had the students on and learning about the logical progression of coding.

After lunch, continuing with the STEM theme of the day, the Scholars went to the Makerspace to do an activity where they learned about the design process and building prototypes. Working in groups, the Scholars selected, at random, a fictional item that they had to design for a fictional character. From ideating, to using materials in the Makerspace, to building their protype, to reflecting on their process, to presenting to the entire group about their design, the Scholars were curious about and engaged in the process. Working together, the groups ended up with incredibly creative ideas and impressive prototypes.

Overall, the day was a huge success!! The Scholars were exposed to many new things, learned a lot, and had a ton of fun! Meanwhile, the mentors served as great leaders for the Scholars as they helped them to stay engaged, pushed them to do their best work, and bonded with them. A special thanks to Mr. Dioguardi and Ms. Tranchida who helped plan the day, and to all of the great mentors, especially our lead mentors for the tech activities: Audrey Pizzolato, Emmy Wenstrup, Winslow Griffen. Campbell Johnson, Sam Albright, and Katie Popova.