Dr. Louis Catalano III visits ISRP

The Independent Research Program had a special visitor on Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019: Dr. Louis Catalano III (P ’19), who came to talk about surgical techniques on distal radius fractures, and presented results from his past clinical research and more current anatomical research.
In addition to the technical aspects, he gave some key advice for our future scientists ranging from the importance of meticulous planning when conducting a research study, to keys of a successful interview. Students commented on how passionate he was about his research, how cool it was that the research he conducted has had a major impact on surgical techniques, and how they valued his message of always going the extra mile. We are grateful to Dr. Catalano for his visit!

All alumni and parents with current or past experiences in scientific research have a standing invitation to visit the Independent Research Program. Our future scientists love hearing your stories, and these talks are formative in their careers. If you are interested, please reach out to Dr. Andrew Ying.