Stacy Kaegi Named to Alumni Humanities Chair

Stacy Kaegi, lead kindergarten teacher, has been named Hackley's next holder of the Alumni Humanities Chair, following nomination by faculty peers who wrote thoughtfully about her work.
Now in her twentieth year at Hackley, Stacy has taught multiple grade levels in the Lower School and moved to Kindergarten for the first time this year. Her ability to move to different grade teams demonstrates great flexibility in her teaching. In addition to such range, a colleague cited her the many ways in which she tirelessly seeks to improve her craft and her curriculum. One nominator noted,"When she moved to kindergarten, she spent all summer researching kindergarten curriculums and connecting with kindergarten teachers across the country, through social media and personal contacts. Stacy does nothing half-heartedly. And most importantly, she does everything purposefully, with her students’ best interests in mind."
Others pointed to the ways in which Stacy has embraced different school initiatives in her curriculum, particularly as related to health and wellness. Whether it is designing third grade curriculum that helped highlight goal setting and the importance of a positive outlook or establishing morning yoga classes, Stacy creates moments in her classes to show her students she cares for them as learners and as healthy, well individuals.

Stacy will be honored at a reception at Gage House on April 10, 2019, along with all current and former chair holders. This reception will also include members of the families or entities that endowed the chairs, all of which helps us honor and celebrate a culture of teaching excellence at Hackley.

The Alumni Humanities Chair is funded each year by the Hackley Alumni Association and made possible through the generosity of generations of alumni who have funded the endowment. Stacy follows a long series of outstanding teachers who have held this chair, which was first awarded to former English Department Chair Arthur Naething, who gave us the phrase "Go forth and spread beauty and light." Please join us in congratulating Stacy Kaegi as the next Alumni Humanities Chair.