Hackley IRP Students Present at Symposium

On Saturday, Feb 9, 2019, Hackley US students William Catalano, William Crainer, Varun Krishna, Yingshyan Ku, and Josh Saha joined over 350 students from the region to present their science research projects at the Westchester Rockland Science and Humanities Symposium.
Each student was judged twice by members of the scientific community (researchers, engineers, doctors or science teachers), and I was very impressed with how well prepared our students were for their presentations and the judges' questions.

William Catalano won 3rd place in the Medicine and Health for his poster on the “Effects of Interferon Gamma Stimulation in Human Bladder Cancer Cell Lines” while Varun Krishna won 1st place in the Environmental Science category for his work on “Analyzing the Effects of Several External Variables on a Solar Panel System.”